A step by step approach to SEO without expensive on-going monthly fees

SEO for Small Businesses

At InterWeb Solutions we take Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) very seriously and use tried and tested methods to get results.

Small businesses often overlook the importance of Search Engine Marketing due to its complex and constantly changing nature. However, the basic principles have always remained the same and probably always will.

What is SEO?

Google and Bing use more than 200 algorithms / questions to determine your website’s page rankings in their search results. Some of these algorithms are given more weight than others. Search engine optimisation (SEO), in part, is knowing which algorithms are the most important and how to use them to increase your websites online visibility.

Keyword research is also integral to your website’s success. This web page is optimised for the keywords SEO Bristol. You may have found this page by navigating from another page on our website. However, it’s more likely you typed the phrase / keywords above into Google or Bing and found this page directly. That’s the power of keyword optimisation.

In addition to keyword research, we provide a full range of search engine marketing services to help promote small business websites.

Watch Matt Cutts from Google explaining How Search Works

Search engine optimisation services

If you already have a website, we can optimise the site for you and increase the number of visitors to your site. Alternatively, if we design and build a website for you we will optimise every single part, from the site structure and navigation menus, through to the site’s keywords and internal links.

Often overlooked, citations are the corner stone of SEO. Search engines use citations as a vote of authenticity of your business and geographic location. All other things being equal, the more citations you have, the higher you’ll rank in Local search results.

Simply put, a backlink is a link to your website from another website. However, simply gaining random links from any number of websites can do your site more harm than good. You need good quality backlinks from good quality websites.

When you use a search engine to find a business or service, the search results are based on your current location and/or the search phrase you entered into the search box. That’s Local Search – a way of delivering local businesses to local people.

Adding new content to your website is a great way of keeping your site fresh and up to date. However, content building and blogging can also be used to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Before you embark on a PPC campaign you need to make sure you have a well optimised and structured website. Otherwise you’ll be wasting money every time someone clicks on your ads and visits your non sales converting website.

Research shows that some social media platforms are better at generating new customers, whilst others are better at supporting an existing customer base. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Which social media platform is the best for small businesses?

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SEO help for small businesses

Search engine optimisation can seem very daunting to small businesses. We will guide you through the entire process and work with you to help your business grow.

We use a step by step approach to SEO and recommend the services listed above. Citation building is essentially the best way to start promoting a website, working through to Pay per click and Social media if appropriate.

However, it’s also essential your website is search engine friendly and optimised with the correct keywords / phrases to attract your target audience, we cannot emphasise this enough. Whether you run a large business, you’re a sole trader or self employed, your website must include some form of keyword optimisation.

We use various websites and software to achieve high ranking listings on the major search engines. These tools enable us to research and select appropriate key phrases for your website. The correct placement and implementation of selected key phrases is vital to achieving high ranking listings on the major search engines and in turn attracting your target audience.

A good page rank on Google and Bing also depends on the website’s structure, content, meta tags, code, image optimisation, page speed, and hosting. InterWeb knows how to successfully integrate these elements into your website.

After optimising your website, you should start with Citation building and then move onto Link building, which is the most beneficial form of search engine marketing to date. Link building is similar to Citation building, with a subtle difference.

SEO services, such as Local search and Content building, cross over and complement each other to some extent, and are great for increasing traffic to small business websites.

Small businesses often struggle to understand the complexities of search engine optimisation. This is completely understandable considering the impact of Local SEO on small business websites., a leading publisher in SEO, wrote a fantastic article, Small business SEO – Your Questions Answered, for beginners, outlining what you need to know.

Search engine algorithms change on a regular basis, so SEO is not an exact science. However, websites that are optimised reap the benefits. InterWeb Solutions practice white-hat optimisation and operate within Google’s and Bing’s recommended guidelines.

SEO marketing agency or consultant?

There’s literally hundreds of SEO companies in Bristol selling their services. So its not surprising we here the same question asked over and over again – should I pay an SEO agency or a free lance consultant?

Its a difficult question to answer without knowing your budget. SEO agencies usually charge recurring monthly fees starting at £500 per month. Some small businesses can afford these type of fees, while others cannot. For many sole traders £500 per month is a lot of money, money that would be better off spent elsewhere.

InterWeb Solutions doesn’t believe in charging recurring monthly fees and we’re definately not an SEO agency. We provide the whole package from web design through to web hosting. There’s nothing wrong with paying an SEO agency to take care of your website marketing if you can afford it. However, does your small business website really need marketing work every month?

Marketing your website is an on-going process. However, most small business websites only consists of 5-15 pages. Once these pages have been created, optimised and published, your ready to submit your site to Google and Bing, build on your citations, and then? Well congratulations, you’ve completed stage 1. You could start stage 2 of your marketing campaign or you could be wise and wait a while, analyse your sites traffic / visitors, and then plan for stage 2.

So there’s the difference – an agency will probably tell you to keep on marketing, week in, week out, whilst an SEO consultant will likely tell you to monitor things for a while before taking the next step! 

New websites receive around 95% of their visitors from the top 2 search engines. This figure usually goes down as the website matures and is affected by link popularity, directory listings, email campaigns and other forms of advertising. After a period of around 5-6 months it’s likely that over 65% of your visitors will still arrive through the major search engines. During this 5-6 month period its very important you analyse and monitor your sites progress before you move on to the next stage of marketing your site. The next stage will depend on how well your site has performed and on how well your competitors sites are preforming as well.

We believe over spending during the 5-6 month period is what puts off most small business owners from marketing their websites in the long term. Of course, you could jump in blindly into the next stage of marketing, continuing to pay monthly fees, why wait, or you could step back and analyse the fruits of your labour, and then make an informed decision on the next steps to take! Paying monthly fees during the honey moon period is an unnecessary expenditure for most small businesses and, in our experience, unnecessary full stop.

Search engine optimisation should be discussed and implemented not only during the early design stages but also as an on-going process, months and years later down the line. However, paying monthly fees is not the answer for most small businesses.

Watch out for unrealistic promises and don't believe the hype!

The single biggest mistake made by most small businesses is to believe the promise of a guaranteed 1st place listing on Google. No one can guarantee you a 1st place listing on Google or even a top 10 ranking for a competitive key phrase. Even if they could, search engine algorithms frequently change and therefore so will your website’s rankings from time to time. Do not be fooled by this type of offer, you’ll be wasting your time and money, and even worse, your website might get blacklisted.

Also, please do not submit your website to search engines using submission software or bulk submission websites. Although these services submit your website to hundreds of search engines, it’s a guaranteed way of getting your site penalised or even blacklisted from the major search engines. There’s simply no need to submit your website to hundreds of search engines anyway because 95% of all Web users only use the top 2 search engines.

We practice white-hat SEO using tried and tested methods to get results. In addition, InterWeb Solutions provide a wide range of website services for small businesses in Bristol and throughout the UK.

Results based search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is almost an art form, rather than a science, and takes years of experience to get it right. We work to all budgets, big and small, and optimise every website we design.

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