Beautifully crafted WordPress websites that will impress your customers

Beautifully Crafted Websites

I create bespoke websites. However, I also provide a wide range of pre-made designs, that I tailor to your brand/business. The best part, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of starting a new project.

Bristol has become a hub for free-lance web developers and media agencies. So what makes me different?  I provide a professional service, without the sales pitch, and work within budget to deliver your website in good time.

WordPress Portfolio Websites

I have the knowledge, skills and experience to complete any website project. However, our web developers have created over 30 pre-made designs for you to choose from. The designs are labelled for your convenience, although you can of course choose any design you like, and when I’ve input your content the site will look unique and not like someone else’s website.

How to navigate these websites

The main benefits of choosing a pre-made design

Over 70 Websites to Choose From

The first step is to choose a design that compliments your business. All the designs have a name to help guide you in the right direction. However, you can choose any design you like. There's also several e-commerce designs to choose from if you want to sell products online.

Easy Process for Customers to Follow

Understandably most customers find it difficult to write content / text for their websites and find suitable photos and images. With our pre-made websites you can see all the pages, placeholder text and photos already laid out. All you have to do is replace it with your content.

Design Customisation

Don't worry, your website won't look like someone else's site once I've made all the changes. I replace the demo content with your logo and photos, and modify the headings, text, fonts, colours, backgrounds, etc, to reflect your brand and business.

Professional Design and Optimisation

I'm sure you'll agree the websites are stunning. However, the design is just one aspect of a website. Every site is mobile responsive, so they look amazing on mobile phones and tablets too, and optimised for the major search engines including Google and Bing.

Free Legal Pages

I add two very important pages to every website, a Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use. Both pages include placeholder text so you don't have to start with a blank canvas. All you have to do is replace the text with your content and you'll be GDPR compliant.

Social Sharing Buttons

Most of the designs include Social Sharing Buttons. If you find a design that doesn't we'll add them to your site for free. Social Share Buttons encourage site visitors to share your website content with others. This is a great way of driving free traffic / visitors to your website.

Set-up and Installation

I take care of the entire process from setting up your hosting plan to securing your site against hackers and other malicious attacks. If you already have a web hosting plan elsewhere you can of course stay with them or we'll transfer your domain name to our servers if you prefer.

After Care and Support

If you need me after your site goes live then I'm here to help and assist you in any way I can. I can teach you how to update the site yourself or I can manage it for you. If you've asked me to manage your web hosting plan your site is regularly backed-up for peace of mind.

Optional Extras

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Google Analytics - £49

I will install and link your site to Google Analytics so you can track visitor numbers, popular pages and lots of other useful statistics.

Custom Forms - £49

All sites include a free contact form. If you require additional form fields (max 10) I will modify the existing form and add a thank you page.

Email List - £149

Building an email list so you can contact your customers is very important. I will link MailerLite or any other provider to your website.

Switching Hosting Provider - £59

Need help transferring your domain name to our servers? No problem, send us your login details, I will take care of the entire process.

Support - from £49 / month

I provide WordPress support and maintenance plans. Features include security scans, automated backups and up-time monitoring.

WooCommerce - from £1899

I will install and configure the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, turning your website into an online store.

Portfolio Website FAQ

Web hosting and domain registration fees are not included and must be paid for separately. I can of course provide both services should you decide to host your website with us. My web hosting and domain name prices are very competitive.

Yes, no problem. Depending on who your current web host is I may advise you to change services. To be honest there aren’t that many good web hosting providers in the UK so I may recommend one of my trusted hosting providers. Your current hosting provider, if you have one, must provide email services.

Yes, absolutely. I’d be delighted to discuss your requirements. Adding additional pages to the website will incur an extra fee due to the extra work involved. You’ll find our hourly rate is very reasonable.

Yes, no problem. I’d be delighted to discuss any additional features with you. Adding additional features will incur an extra fee due to the extra work involved. Adding new features is best done at the start of the project, its less expensive that way. Having said that, I can modify existing features or add new ones any time.

Yes, absolutely. Many of the websites already include a simple contact form to capture the Name, Email and Message fields. If you chose a site without a contact form, no problem, I will add a simple form at no additional cost. If you require a more complex form then check out the “Custom Forms” option under “Optional Extras” above.

Yes, no, may be. All the websites are built and developed in WordPress. WordPress is a content management system so navigating your way around is relatively easy. The website pages are designed with the most advanced WordPress page builder currently available so changing the content doesn’t get much easier. However, whether you can edit the site yourself depends on your ability to use a computer and how good you are at learning new software. You certainly do NOT need to know how to write HTML or code, hooray! I actually provide WordPress Web Design Courses to individuals and small businesses if your interested. 

I can usually get your site up and running within 30 days of receiving your site content i.e. logo, text, photos, etc. Its a straight forward process but the launch date is dependent on the customer providing the content and necessary feedback. Any additional feature requests or optional extras will delay the launch date. If I’m not particularly busy when you approach me I may be able to complete your website within 20 days.

If your website is hosted on our servers then absolutely, yes. We provide free SSL Certificates, how cool is that?

Yes, I love all things WordPress. All of the pre-made designs above were lovingly created in WordPress. In addition to building your site in WordPress I also install various plugins to help keep your site secure from malicious attacks and optimised for the major search engines.

Yes, absolutely. The pre-made designs are simply provided as an easy way to implement a beautiful, fully functional, optimised website, quickly and easily at low cost. However, if you prefer, I can design and develop a custom website for you from a blank canvas. The cost of a custom site will be considerably more than a pre-made site due to the amount of work involved. If you prefer a custom built website designed from the ground up, I design bespoke websites as well.

Yes, absolutely. However, sourcing a logo and photographs for you will incur an extra fee due to the extra work involved. Not to worry though, you’ll find our hourly rate is very reasonable. I can usually find free images to use on your website but in some cases you may want to pay for the image if it looks more professional. I will of course discuss your options before I proceed and during the editing process.

Yes. However, please bare in mind that the existing content must fit / mirror the new design. Therefore some editing / changes will be required to the length of text and image sizes. Also, your current images may be poor quality or over/under size. In that case I may need copies of the original images so we can optimise them and resize them for the new website or alternatively I source new images. As mentioned in the FAQ directly above, sourcing logos, photos and images will incur an extra fee.

Do you have any questions?

Phone today to discuss your requirements. No obligation, no pressure selling, no jargon, just free advice.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about my services, I’m here to help.

Phone today – 0117 950 5012

Quality Guaranteed

Every website I design or build from a pre-made template is cross browser compatible, mobile responsive and optimised for the major search engines. I use WordPress to develop my customer’s websites so you have peace of mind knowing your site is built with the most popular website Content Management System in the World.

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